Consent to Telehealth


Peaks Curative, LLC (“Peaks Curative”) provide websites through which you, may obtain an online visit with an independent, licensed health care professional in your area and as a result also may opt into mail order pharmacy services for medications prescribed to you as a result of your specific medical needs or diagnosis. (the “Services”). In Florida, these Services are known to constitute a form of telehealth, which involves the delivery of health care services using electronic communications between a health care provider and a patient who are not in the same physical location. Telehealth may be used for diagnosis, treatment, follow-up and/or patient education. “Telehealth” means the use of synchronous or asynchronous telecommunications technology by a telehealth provider to provide health care services, including, but not limited to, assessment, diagnosis, consultation, treatment, and monitoring of a patient; transfer of medical data; patient and professional health-related education; public health services; and health administration. The term does not include audio-only telephone calls, e-mail messages, or facsimile transmissions.

In addition, Telehealth services may include, but is not limited to:

The websites, and information systems used in the Services incorporate network and software security protocols to protect the privacy, security, and integrity of your health information.

Potential Benefits of Telehealth

Potential Limitations of Telehealth

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